Live Grass Care Instructions

UPON RECEIPT: Place Cat Grass pots in the plastic watering tray and water the plants by pouring about an inch of water into the trays. Place in a well-lighted area to “green-up” the Cat Grass, as it can become pale after two days in the shipping box.

Ongoing Maintenance: Water Cat Grass about twice a week. Make sure the soil stays moist but do not let the Cat Grass stand in water – drain after one hour. Use the plastic display trays to water the Cat Grass from the bottom. Over-watering can lead to mold growth, gnats, etc.

Light/Ventilation: Cat Grass needs sufficient light to maintain its healthy, green look. Do not place live Cat Grass on lower shelves where there is often insufficient light. Make sure the Cat Grass is well ventilated to help prevent mold.

Refrigeration: If available, rotate the containers of Cat Grass into the refrigerator to extend their shelf life. This is also a remedy for gnats, should they appear.

Clipping: Cat Grass should be 2-4 inches in height. You should clip the Cat Grass to maintain a good appearance. Give the clippings to the in-store animals as a special treat!

Shelf life: Typical shelf life for Cat Grass is approximately 2 weeks. Cat Grass is perishable and cannot be replanted. Shelf life will vary depending on the weather and how the product is maintained in the store.

Organic Growing: Our Pet Greens Live Cat Grass® is 100% certified organic. DO NOT spray Cat Grass with any pesticides for any reason.