Catnip Care Instructions

UPON RECEIPT: Place Live Catnip pots in the plastic watering tray and water the plants by pouring about an inch of water into the trays. Provide good light and ventilation to help the plants recover from two days in the shipping box.

Ongoing Maintenance: Water catnip about twice a week. Make sure the soil stays moist but do not let the catnip stand in water – drain after one hour. Use the plastic display trays to water the catnip from the bottom. Do not overwater.

Pruning: Catnip should be tight and compact in form. Pinch back the catnip as needed to maintain a good store appearance. Give the clippings to the in-store cats to enjoy!

Light: Catnip needs sufficient light to maintain its natural healthy green look. Do not place live catnip on lower shelves with insufficient light.

Shelf Life: With proper in-store care, catnip can last several months.